P  E  R  F  O  R  M  A  N  C  E 

 Mini Tennis

Recommended Weekly Sessions for Star Players

The course is designed to be as a two-lessons per week programme; We recommend these sessions for maximum benefit on child’s tennis development.

- Star payers participating in the 2018 Star Tennis Programme are encouraged to commit to at least to two sessions per week. (the second can be an open lesson if a star squad not possible). ​

This course is designed with a 2 lessons-per-week format in mind, but we also offer the once-a-week option as well which can suit a busy schedule. However, in our tennis academy, like in most junior performance programmes, we strongly encourage and recommend at least 2 lessons per week for children as it is the ideal format to keep fresh in children’s minds what they learned from the previous lesson, as well as to develop the expected skills by the end of the term together with the other players in the squad. We have also included a 3 lessons per week option for those very keen players/parents who are looking for a premium tennis progress, combining 2 star and 1 open lesson per week.

​Invitational-Only Performance Squads

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Star Tennis  Performance Squads

Weekly Times and Age Groups:

★ Mini Red: Monday 5:20 - 6:50 pm, and Friday 4:00 - 5:30 pm
★ Mini Orange: Monday 3:50 - 5:20 pm, and Friday 5:30 - 7:00 pm
★ Mini Green: Monday 6:50 - 8:20 pm, and Tuesday 4:50 - 6:20 pm


- Star players are entitled to a third weekly lesson from the Open Tennis sessions.
- Star players are eligible for 1 to 1 private lessons.

One to one Private Lessons for selected star players - Invitational-only. 

Performance Junior Academy

Star Tennis Squads are the Invitational-only performance lessons available to our more advanced players. These sessions are designed with the purpose of creating better and more challenging opportunities for them to learn, play, and compete with friends of a similar standard, thus bringing more enjoyment to their tennis experience, and allowing them to reach their tennis potential in an effective and faster way. This programme is essential for the balance of our academy, as well as for keeping players' motivation and enthusiasm always high. Children invited to take part in this programme are rated with 1-5 stars, and called Star Players.

- To find out whether your child is eligible to enrol for Star Tennis please click HERE.

As in all our junior tennis sessions, in Star Squads there is an emphasis on fun too, but brought about through performance drills, intermediate to advanced technique learning, match play practice, fitness, and competition. Star Squads are reduced and limited, and sessions half an hour longer than open sessions. Star Squads times can be seen in our weekly timetable chart, and they are displayed in grey-colored ★ slots.

Star Players are entitled to special benefits and privileges within the academy, such as access to sponsored performance squads, a protective space in the academy every new term, more sessions per week options, longer sessions, sponsored 1 to 1 Private Lessons, more personalised teaching, reduced and protected groups, more match play opportunities, access to LTA competitions, team tennis competitions, and equipment discounts. 

Star players in these squads will receive preparation that will enable them to participate in LTA mini tennis competitions. All star players will be monitored and assessed monthly, and when a player has developed enough skills to play a full match our performance coach will inform his or her parents of this progress and will extentend an invitation to participate in selected LTA regional tournaments.

Star Player should bring a simple snack with them to their session. There will be a brief snack time half way through le session. We recommend a fruit, which gets easily absorbed and provide quick energy for the rest of the lesson.

- If your child is not in the Star Players list, and you think you child has experience or some skills already developed to perhaps be considered for the Star Squads, you can arrange an assessment with our performance coach by sending him a message Message HERE.

Star Tennis Squads 2018

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Spring Term 2018


Star Tennis