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On the other hand, your entrusting ​us with your child’s tennis development we see as a great responsibility, but we are  confident your child will be in good hands. You may be thinking of enroling your child into an after school tennis club course, but we really envision a long term Tennis School (Academy) for our players, and not just a short course. In this way we aim at having the privilege of shaping and developing these malleable children into highly skilled tennis players, which requires several years to acomplish.

At PTA we emphasize technique even from a very early age. With our unique teaching method, we will be able to bring complicated advanced tennis technique down to our children to learn it in a fun, effective, and easy to learn way. This distinctive approach will soon be visible in PTA players as time goes by, which will help them also reach their full tennis potencial, as we teach them to discover an enjoyment in tennis in a more special way; because we firmly believe that “the better you play, the more you enjoy”. Both these aspects we take as going hand in hand.

Finally and most importantly, our philosophy on tennis wouldn't be completed if we didn't emphasize that our tennis sessions are always fun! Our first priority is always clear with us; we want, above all, to see our little players - and not so little as well! - having a great time on the court. We love to teach players new skills and make sure that learning is an absorbing and enjoyable process, designed to bring a smile to everyone's faces. 

Mini Tennis is fun!


our Philosophy

About our tennis academy philosophy

Tennis is fun, It brings laughs and good times with friends and family. At PTA we enjoy seeing children having a great time out on the court, smiling and running about. But there is also more than that that brings us a rewarding feeling about our little players. 

We see tennis not merely as a recreational and fun activity but also as an educational tool, both physically and mentally. Children will gain in self-esteem, self-confidence, intelligence, social skills, patience, self control, as well as in physical skills, and healthier bodies. Tennis also teaches self-discipline, self-reliance, respect for others, and provides a good way of performing physical exercise whilst having fun.

We also think that playing tennis is something meaningful in many ways and something that will stay with children for life; we are certain they will be thankful in the future, even when they become adults, to have received the opportunity and privilege to learn this sport from a tender early age, as it is a very difficult sport to learn, but not so much when it is learned from a young age.

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