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Star Tennis  Performance Squads

Weekly Times and Age Groups:

★ Mini Red: Monday 5:20 - 6:50 pm, and Friday 4:00 - 5:30 pm
★ Mini Orange: Monday 3:50 - 5:20 pm, and Friday 5:30 - 7:00 pm
★ Mini Green: Monday 6:50 - 8:20 pm, and Tuesday 4:50 - 6:20 pm


- Star players are entitled to a third weekly lesson from the Open Tennis sessions.
- Star players are eligible for 1 to 1 private lessons.

One to one Private Lessons for selected star players - Invitational-only. 

- Players in this list are entitled to  Enrol Online to Star Squads this term.

- Players names displayed are those entitled to take part in our Star Squads, and who have been enrolled in the academy in the 2014-2017 terms, independently of whether they are currently active in ongoing term.



Sienna Perry​

Isaac Devereux
Imogen Goodwin
Ruby Alder
Evie Gregory
Linda Muller

Lucy Corbett

Sophie Gregory

★ ★ 

Cameron Frew

Daisy Pilkington
Erin ADC
Florence Jones
Jessica Burgess
Rowan Green
Sienna Perry
Joseph Hamilton

Theo Brian
William Carpenter

★ ★ ★ 

Archie Alder
Caleb Hunting
Charlie Alder
Frederic Cox
Jean-Luc Packe
Mickey Stranack
Oliver Deadman
Phil Vitaya
Sam Budd
William Townsend

★ ★ ★ ★ 

Feliciano ADC

​Invitational-Only Performance Squads

Mini Tennis

List of Entitled Players to Enrol in Star Squads

Star Players

Star Tennis

Invited Players

Performance Junior Academy

 List of Star Players 2018

P  E  R  F  O  R  M  A  N  C  E 

Spring Term 2018




Ben Tucker
Chloe Gillard
Maia Purse
Holly Craxford


Oliver Staunton

Samuel Williams
Sophie Gregory

​Amelia Spicer
Annabelle Dixon
Edward Dixon


Euan Frew
Freddie Birks
Harvey Windsor-Wilkin

Theo Nock

Izzy Birks

Elsie Deadman
Leo Nellis
Lucas Brian
Molly Hyde
Oskar Whittle

Recommended Weekly Sessions for Star Players

The course is designed to be as a two-lessons per week programme; We recommend these sessions for maximum benefit on child’s tennis development.

- Star payers participating in the 2018 Star Tennis Programme are encouraged to commit to at least to two sessions per week. (the second can be an open lesson if a star squad not possible). ​

This course is designed with a 2 lessons-per-week format in mind, but we also offer the once-a-week option as well which can suit a busy schedule. However, in our tennis academy, like in most junior performance programmes, we strongly encourage and recommend at least 2 lessons per week for children as it is the ideal format to keep fresh in children’s minds what they learned from the previous lesson, as well as to develop the expected skills by the end of the term together with the other players in the squad. We have also included a 3 lessons per week option for those very keen players/parents who are looking for a premium tennis progress, combining 2 star and 1 open lesson per week.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


​★ ​

Hayden Baldock
Isaac Devereux

​Isaac Hibbert
Ronan Austin

★ ★ 

Ben Warner
Euan Frew
Harry Budd
Harvey Windsor
Jacob Alder
Joshua Boon
Philip Chovanec
Sienna Perry
Xander Green

Johnnie Stanimeros

★ ★ ★​

Rex Kelly
Samuel Williams

Solomon Cetinel
Stanley Jones
Theo Brunt
Toby Nock
William Staunton

Daniel Osborne
Elias Maitland Herford