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P  E  R  F  O  R  M  A  N  C  E 


Our TDP system is great for all kinds of players. Whether it is for those looking for recreational tennis, physical outdoor exercise, or those looking to take their tennis more seriously, the ultimate end result stays always the same, have a lots of fun with tennis friends on the court!



Open Lessons

Open Lessons belong to our Open Tennis programme, and are the normal coaching lessons available to all players irrelative of their tennis experience or skills. These sessions are fun for everyone and provide a great space for guided practice and learning of tennis skills. They are also designed to be especially useful for those with little or no tennis experience and/or limited tennis skills. They are called open because there is no admission criteria, and there is a special emphasis on having fun through a variety of purpose games. The aim is to make all children enjoy this difficult sport from day 1, eliminating those sometimes usual first frustrations, and creating an environment where they simply see their weekly tennis lessons as a happy time with friends on the court.

​STAR TENNIS   ★   /   Invitational Only 

Star Tennis Squads -  / Performance Tennis 

Star Tennis Squads are the Invitational-only performance lessons available to Star Players (our more advanced players) - Children invited to take part in them are rated with 1-5 stars, and called Star Players.

In the Star Squads there is an emphasis on fun too, but brought about through performance drills, intermediate to advanced technique learning, match play practice, and competition. This Performance Pathway is essential for the balance and future of our academy, as well as for players' motivation and enthusiasm, who will in this way have a better opportunity to play with friends of a similar standard, thus creating opportunities to feel always challenged, which will allow children to reach their own tennis potential in an effective and faster way. 

In Star Squads lesson groups are reduced and limited, and sessions half an hour longer. These sessions times can be seen in our weekly timetable chart. 

Star payers participating in the 2018 Star Tennis Programme are encouraged to commit to at least to two sessions per week. (the second can be an open lesson if a star squad not possible). ​

- To learn more about this sponsored performance programme and find out whether your child is eligible for it please click HERE

One to One Lessons - Private Lessons

Unfortunately at the moment we are only prepared to offer these sessions to eligible star players, and on an invitational-only basis. However we are working to extend slots available as soon as possible. If you would like to be included in our waiting list for private 1 to 1 lessons, for either star or non-star players, please fill in the form  HERE. (opens in new window). Priority will be given for Star Players.

Competition - Matches & Tournaments

Competition is the fourth and last activity area that completes our Tennis Development Pathway. It is one of the most effective ways for a player to improve, and It is an essential component of learning and enjoying this sport.

​Competitive events and tournaments give children the opportunity to play with and against a variety of players, allowing them to test the skills they’ve learned, and to get an accurate picture of where their tennis skills are at the moment. It is not until a child has experienced competition that they really gain a greater understanding of what tennis is all about, what is needed in their tennis skills, become committed to the sport, and motivated to improve. Healthy competition is a key driver in making this happen. 

It takes time to develop the skills that allow children to play a match. Our end-technical goal with us is to take a child through a process where they can in time acquire those needed technical skills to confidently take part in matches and tournaments, and experience this exciting and full of fun activity of our tennis programme.

At PTA we create a player-friendly platform for children to be introduced gradually to competition at a level suitable for their age and understanding.

The spaces for competition available for our players in our TDP system are:

1- Match Practice during sessions
2- Challenger Internal Tournament
3- Internal Open Tournaments
4- Team Tennis 
5- LTA Tournaments

Junior Academy

Open Lessons

Star Tennis Squads

1 to 1 Lessons



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