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P  E  R  F  O  R  M  A  N  C  E 

Spring Term 2018


We are enrolling now for our Spring Term 2018 !!


-Limited Spaces Available - Players will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Open Lessons

Open to all players - One session per week (10 lessons total) - 1 hour duration per lesson

Tots lessons are of 45 min per lesson.

Star Tennis Squads

Invitational-only / Star Rated players only - 1:30 hour duration per lesson


One star session per week (10 lessons total)

One open + one star session per week (20 lessons total)

Two star sessions per week (20 lessons total)

 Two star + one open session per week (30 lessons total)

- To find out whether your child is eligible for Star Tennis please click  HERE.

Term Time Tennis

Spring Term 2018

★ = Invitational-Only Performance Squads ( Star Players ) / To learn more about Star Tennis programme click  HERE

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10th May - 25th July (10 Weeks)

★ = Invitational-Only Performance Squads ( Star Players ) / To learn more about Star Tennis programme click HERE


- Late enrolments: a refund of missed lessons previous to enrolment will be issued.

- Taster Lessons  available  - Please Message Us to book one for your child.

Age Groups

Recommended Weekly Sessions for Star Players

The course is designed to be as a two-lessons per week programme; We strongly advise these weekly sessions for maximum benefit on child’s tennis development.

The Star Tennis course is designed with a 2 lessons-per-week format in mind. But we also offer the once-a-week option as well which can suit a busy schedule. However, in our tennis academy, like in most junior tennis programmes, we strongly encourage and recommend at least 2 lessons per week for children as it is the ideal format to keep fresh in children’s minds what they learned from the previous lesson, as well as to develop the expected skills by the end of the term together with the other players in the squad. We have also included a 3 lessons per week option for those very keen players/parents who are looking for a premium tennis progress, combining 2 star and 1 open lesson per week.

WEEKLY Timetable & Age Groups - CHARTS